Short Stories of Augie Peterson

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Bonus Episode: Features Week May and June

June 9th, 2018

This is a mega episode of features week artists. It includes the authors I featured last month and this month! 

The names of each author is a clickable link that brings you to each of their interviews. 

Brian Black (1:04): A horror writer that's currently working on a horror story podcast Raggedy Anzy (5:11): A horror narrator on YouTube Kate Braun (12:30): Finance, tech, and nonfiction writer Unapologetic Artist (15:36): A rising artist that's not even in college yet. 
Ignorance Was Bliss (19:04): A crime and psychology podcast hosted by the mother/manager of the Unapologetic Artist Of Myth and Mercy (22:04): A true crime podcast that focuses on underrepresented cases Blackeyed Blonde (24:07): A horror narrator/ lifestyle vlogger on YouTube Meli (35:36): A writer of creepy poems about old witches.