The Short Stories of Augie Peterson

Because I realized that not many have the attention span to read them, I’ve decided to take my two blogs and turn them into a podcast. I read an original short horror story every Tuesday, sarcastically review a bad horror movie every Thursday, and keep you up to date with all things Augie! Stick around for the first Saturday of each month to learn about some super talented independent artists I interview.

Bonus Episode: Features Week May and June

June 9th, 2018

This is a mega episode of features week artists. It includes the authors I featured last month and this month! 

The names of each author is a clickable link that brings you to each of their interviews. 

Brian Black (1:04): A horror writer that's currently working on a horror story podcast Raggedy Anzy (5:11): A horror narrator on YouTube Kate Braun (12:30): Finance, tech, and nonfiction writer Unapologetic Artist (15:36): A rising artist that's not even in college yet. 
Ignorance Was Bliss (19:04): A crime and psychology podcast hosted by the mother/manager of the Unapologetic Artist Of Myth and Mercy (22:04): A true crime podcast that focuses on underrepresented cases Blackeyed Blonde (24:07): A horror narrator/ lifestyle vlogger on YouTube Meli (35:36): A writer of creepy poems about old witches.