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Bonus Episode: Features Week Where Are They Now? Part Two

March 9th, 2019

My Features Week mega episode comes to a conclusion with part 2 exploring the rest of the artists I've featured over the last year. 


**Find the transcript for this episode here**


Artists Featured In This Episode:

Ignorance Was Bliss Podcast

Bella Parsons (Personal Twitter, Art Twitter)

Jessica Holt (Twitter, Website, Artemesia's Axe Twitter, Comic site)

Heather Wright

Rebecca Frohling

Sarah (Good Nightmare Podcast)


PD Brody (Facebook, Twitter)

Annalisa Ely

Hannah Rumeau (Twitter, Instagram)

Alison Beattie (newspaper article)

Raleigh Keegan

Raven Lavina

Of Myth and Mercy

Kate Braun


Brian Black

Em Somerville

We Drink and We Know Things Podcast

The Derailers Podcast

Ghost Mummy

Drac VanHook

Blackeyed Blonde


Jenn Harkless


Every Features Week Episode Ever (links to Podbean): 

(before there was an episode for it, February 2018) 

(Raleigh Keegan, Heather Wright (Nature Vs. Narcissism), Jenai Marek, Creepy Blonde Girl, Eliot Roe)

March 2018

(Cephalopods, Briski (Turn of Phrases Podcast), Saint, Raven Lavina, Zee Zelinski)

April 2018

(Alison Beattie, Lene (lenedoesnotpop), CK (Mirths and Monsters), TK (Rogue Duck Arts), Immunity Zero)

May and June 2018

(Brian Black, Raggedy Anzy, Kate Braun, Ignorance Was Bliss, Of Myth and Mercy Podcast, Blackeyed Blonde, Meli, (Emily Wallinga) The Unapologetic Artist)

July 2018

(PD Brody, Bo Chappell, Hannah Rumeau, That's Weird, Bella Parsons)

August 2018

(Em Somerville, People Are Wild Podcast, Master DK, We Drink and We Know Things Podcast, Rebecca Frohling)

October 2018 

(The Crow Flies, Cory Mason, Spoop Hour, Demon Kitty Designs, Jenn Harkless)

November 2018

(Derailers Podcast, Jessica F. Holt, Ghost Mummy, Justin McCarthy, Good Nightmare)

January 2018

(Drac VanHook, Lanie (It's Haunted...What Now? Podcast), Annalisa Ely, The Hidden Staircase Podcast)


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