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One Year Podiversary Q&A!

February 7th, 2019

If you're reading this, you have helped take part in making this podcast awesome. Whether this is your first episode, or you've heard them all, it's your fault this podcast has succeeded. Thank you!


**Find the transcript of this episode here**


Special thanks to these fine folks:

(Twitter accounts linked)

Jess F. Holt (who I forgot to list because I'm BAD AT LISTS)

Spoop Hour

Geek Men and the Masters of the Thundernerds

Yikes Podcast

Me, My Spouse, and a Die

Turn of Phrases Podcast



P.S. I forgot to record a question because I, apparently can't read. Courtney from Cult of Domesticity asked:

“What would be your ideal profession?” I would love to be a baker or cake decorator. I’ve been obsessed with shows like Ace of Cakes since they became popular and I even got an entire set of piping tips for Christmas last year. I’m not the most adventurous baker, but I do my fair share of making sweets and desserts. I’d love to get paid to do it!


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